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Sarandoon, Balandoon Wetland Complex in Sari, Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The wetland is located near the village of Siyah Mahaleh, at a distance of 25km from Sari, North of Iran. The same comprises of two sections, Sarandoon in the south and Balandoon in the north.

Sarandoon, Balandoon Wetland Complex in Sari, Iran

The wetland expands over an area of 30 hectares, and during the autumn and winter has a maximum amount of water, whereas in the spring and summer the water is of a lesser content, the water is sweet.

Within these wetlands and the surrounding areas are rush-brakes and other types of vegetation suited to this area.

The above mentioned vicinity provides an excellent habitat for birds and water species.

Besides which the natural environmental beauty together with easy access to this verdant area can provide the scope for it to be taken advantage of as a sight-seeing spot.

author: A.Boruni - Date: 9/15/2019